2017 Icebreaker
SCHEDULE IS UP: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B1jU1QBb7oiRb2Y5akF0YmFfSTA

Gentlemen, it's time to begin thinking about the ball season once again. With that, we're pleased to announce the 2017 Connaught Icebreaker will run April 28, 29, and 30. The current plan is to have all games at Connaught Park.

Tournament info is as follows:
Entry fee $335
Four 5-inning games guaranteed (3 prelim, plus playoffs)
1:05 time limit
Courtesy to travel teams
Local teams should be available to play Friday night

If your team is interested, please leave reply below.

1. Lomas (premier)
2. Meralomas (connaught)
3. Richmond A's
4. Abbotsford Pirates
5. Dukes
6. Cloverdale Rockies
7. Ashcroft
8. Gibsons CohoKings
9. Rossini's
10. Mariners
11. Rebels
12. Marlins
13. Hawks
14. Richmond Rays
15. Rangers
Where is the schedule ?

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